The Best Bikepacking Documentaries and Films to Inspire Your Next Adventure

Are you looking for ways to satisfy your wanderlust and embrace the spirit of adventure? If you love cycling and exploring new destinations, then bikepacking may be the perfect mode of transportation for your next adventure. And what's better than gaining inspiration from some of the best bikepacking films and documentaries out there? Here are our top picks that will surely fuel your desire to hit the road.

1. Inspired to Ride

This documentary features some of the world's best long-distance cyclists as they embark on a 4,233-mile journey across the United States. Follow their journey as they push themselves both physically and mentally, facing challenges and overcoming obstacles along the way. This film highlights the true spirit of bikepacking and will leave you feeling inspired.

2. The Bikes of Wrath

This documentary follows five Australians as they bike their way across the United States, retracing the steps of the Joad family from John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath. Along the way, they meet people from all walks of life and embrace the beauty of the American landscape. This film is a powerful reminder of the importance of community and the joy of travel.

3. Ride the Divide

This documentary features the world's toughest mountain bike race, the Tour Divide, which covers a staggering 2,745 miles from Banff, Canada, to Antelope Wells, New Mexico. Follow the racers as they make their way through challenging terrain and experience the beauty and isolation of the Rocky Mountains. This film will leave you in awe of the dedication and determination of these incredible athletes.

4. Karun

This short film follows a group of cyclists as they embark on a 2,500-kilometer journey through the remote wilderness of Patagonia, Chile. The film highlights the beauty and unpredictability of the natural world and the importance of sustainability and conservation. This film is a great reminder of the importance of preserving our environment while still enjoying the beauty it has to offer.

5. And Then We Rode

This film follows three filmmakers as they embark on a journey to bikepack the length of the Baja California Peninsula, stretching from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas. This film offers a unique perspective on the Mexican landscape and culture and highlights the importance of embracing new experiences and exploring the world around us.

Whether you're an experienced bikepacker or looking to embark on your first adventure, these films and documentaries will provide you with inspiration and motivation to hit the road and explore the world on two wheels. So grab your bike, pack your bags, and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

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