Navigation Tools for Bikepacking

Bikepacking, the adventurous blend of cycling and backpacking, has increasingly become popular among cyclists. It requires endurance, physical fitness, and outdoor skills. Navigation is a crucial aspect of bikepacking, as it involves travelling long distances, often through unfamiliar terrain. As a result, it becomes essential to have the right tools to navigate accurately and efficiently.

In this article, we will explore some of the popular navigation tools bikepackers use to help guide their travels.

Top Navigation Tools for Bikepacking

1. GPS Devices

One of the popular navigation tools among bikepackers are GPS devices. They have become more prevalent in recent years and come in various forms. They offer cyclists quick access to mapping information, location, speed, and altitude data. They are equipped with different types of maps, enabling cyclists to find their way on roads, trails, and gravel routes.

2. Smartphone Apps

Smartphone apps are another popular navigation tool used by bikepackers. Some of the popular apps include Google Maps, Ride with GPS, and Komoot. Smartphone apps, like GPS devices, can provide an accurate location, route finding, and mapping information, making it a valuable navigation tool.

3. Paper Maps

Paper maps are still relevant in bikepacking as a backup navigation tool. They don't require electricity or a data signal to work, making them useful when you're in remote areas with no cellular connectivity. They are also great for planning your route and give you a big-picture view of your intended route.

4. Bike Computer

The bike computer is an excellent navigation tool that provides cyclists with real-time data on their speed, distance, and time en route. It's also equipped with the latest GPS technology that enables you to track your route and upload it to online tracking services like Strava.

5. Compass

A compass is a valuable navigation tool for bikepackers. It's an essential tool for those venturing into unfamiliar territories with no marked trails. A compass can be used as a backup navigation tool in case you lose access to technology-based ones.


Navigation is a crucial aspect of bikepacking, and having the right tools can make all the difference. In this article, we have highlighted the top navigation tools that bikepackers use, including GPS devices, smartphone apps, paper maps, bike computers, and compasses. It's essential to do your research and test various navigation tools before going on your bikepacking adventure. With the right navigation tools, bikepackers can enjoy the outdoors and explore new territories confidently.

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