Bikepacking Gear for Carrying Additional Equipment or Cargo

Bikepacking is one of the most thrilling and exciting adventure sports for cycling enthusiasts. It involves carrying all the necessary equipment and supplies on your bike for extended periods, and your gear makes all the difference. When it comes to carrying additional equipment or cargo for your bikepacking, you need the right gear to ensure that the weight is well-distributed and that you can ride comfortably. Here are some essential bikepacking gear for carrying additional equipment or cargo that you shouldn't leave without:

Bikepacking Bags

One of the crucial items you need for bikepacking is a bikepacking bag. A range of bags are available, including frame bags, handlebar bags, seat bags, and top tube bags. They are designed to fit in specific parts of your bike and make it easier for you to carry your equipment and other essentials. As they are available in different sizes, you can choose the bag that suits your needs and customize your pack accordingly.

Bike Racks

Bike racks are essential for bikepacking when you need to carry extra equipment or cargo that does not fit in your bags. Rear racks and front racks attach to your bike frame and provide a platform for carrying pannier bags, baskets, or other packing options. Ensure that you choose a rack that is compatible with your bike frame to prevent any issues while riding.

Pannier Bags

Pannier bags are an excellent choice for carrying additional gear or cargo when bikepacking. They attach to your bike racks and provide a waterproof and dust-proof solution to your packing needs. Panniers can carry a significant amount of weight, and they have the added advantage of being removable, so you can carry them on your shoulder when you need to.

Cargo Trailers

If you need to carry more cargo, a bike cargo trailer is an excellent option. They attach to the bike frame and provide a platform for carrying heavy equipment or bulky items. Many bike trailers come with waterproof covers to protect your gear from the elements, and they are available in different sizes and designs.

Bikepacking Frames

Bikepacking frames are designed to provide additional storage space on your bike. They are easy to mount and can carry a range of different equipment items you may need while out on your trip. These frames are excellent for long-distance trips where you need to carry a range of gear.

In conclusion, successful bikepacking depends on the right equipment for carrying additional equipment and cargo. Choose the appropriate bikepacking bags, racks, pannier bags, cargo trailers, and frames depending on your specific needs to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free bikepacking experience.

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