Bikepacking Gear for Bike Tours and Bikepacking Events

Bikepacking is a great way to explore and discover new places on your bike. Bike tours and bikepacking events can take you for a long distance, and to gear up for the adventure, you need the right equipment to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. Here are some essential bikepacking gear to consider packing for your next adventure:


A lightweight tent is an essential item that you need to pack for your bikepacking tour. You need a tent that is easy to set up, compact and lightweight to fit into your bike frame bags. A tent with high-quality waterproof fabrics can keep you dry in case of unexpected rain.

Sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is another essential item that you need for your bikepacking adventure. Even in warm weather, temperatures can drop dramatically in the evening, and you need a sleeping bag that will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the night. A lightweight sleeping bag is easy to pack in your bike frame bags and will not add much weight to your overall gear.

Camping Stove

When on your bikepacking adventure, you need food to keep your energy levels up. A camping stove will allow you to prepare your meals anywhere you stop during your ride. There is a variety of stoves in the market, but a compact one that uses gas is ideal as it’s easy to carry and doesn’t take up much space.

Water filtration system

Carrying a water filtration system is crucial, particularly when you’re riding in remote areas. A filtration system can be a life-saver, ensuring you have safe drinking water all through the tour.

Bike repair kit

A bike repair kit is a must-have for any bikepacking adventure. A flat tire, broken chain, or other mechanical failures can leave you stranded along your route. Pack your bike repair kit with essential items such as spare tubes, tire levers, a mini pump and a multi-tool.

Bikepacking bags

Finally, to carry all your gear, you need bikepacking bags. Frame bags, handlebar bags, and seat bags are some of the essential types of bags. Frame bags are ideal for heavy and bulky items and fit perfectly in your bike's frame. Handlebar bags are ideal for carrying food, clothes, or camping gear, while seat bags attach under your saddle and can hold sleep systems.


To enjoy your bikepacking adventure, you need the right gear to keep you comfortable and safe. The gear listed above is the bare minimum that you need to pack, but depending on your needs, you can add other items such as helmet, bike lights, and more. Ensure you pack light, and everything you carry should add value to your adventure.

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