Bikepacking Gear for Bike-Hunting Trips

Bikepacking is an adventurous way to explore new places and get close to nature. It provides the freedom to move on two wheels, covering long distances with all your gear on your bike. For the bike hunters out there, bikepacking trips offer an excellent opportunity to reach isolated hunting areas that cannot be accessed by vehicles. However, before taking your hunting gear on a bikepacking trip, you need to have the right equipment. Below are some essential bikepacking gear for your next bike-hunting trip.


The first and foremost requirement for a bike-hunting bikepacking trip is a reliable and sturdy bike. You should have a bike designed for off-road terrain, such as a mountain bike or a gravel bike. A bike with a sturdy frame, good suspension, and knobby tires is ideal. Make sure your bike is comfortable and suits your physical abilities.

Bikepacking Bags

Bikepacking bags provide ample storage space for your hunting gear like clothing, sleeping bags, and food while keeping your bike stable and well-balanced. Different types of bikepacking bags are available in the market, such as saddlebags, handlebar bags, frame bags, and top tube bags. Choose according to your needs and preferences.

Camping Gear

When it comes to camping gear, your ultimate goal is to keep your gear lightweight for a comfortable ride on bike trails, but you also want of the essentials. Bring along a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, camp stove, cookware, water filter, headlamp, and a first aid kit.

Essential Tools

Repairing your bike on the trail is an essential skill that every bike hunter should master. However, it would help if you had the proper tools for the job. Always carry a multi-tool, tire levers, spare tube, pump or CO2 inflator, and chain tool.

Hydration and Food

Hydration is essential for any bike-hunting trip. During a long day of physical activity, you need to drink enough water to stay hydrated. A hydration backpack or a hydration system on your bike is an ideal solution. Also, bring high-quality trail snacks and meal options that fuel your body and are easy to carry.


The best gear in the world cannot replace a bad sense of direction. Invest in your knowledge of map reading, compass use, and GPS mapping. Know the area you are biking and hunting in, and have a backup if technology doesn't work.


Bikepacking is an exciting and unique way of exploring nature and reaching inaccessible hunting areas. Investing in the right bikepacking gear, packing strategically and going light can make for an unforgettable adventure. So, whether you're taking to the trails to seek out new hunting spots or interested in seeking out a biking adventure, make sure you pack the right gear for a trip of a lifetime!

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