Combining Bike Touring with Other Outdoor Activities

If you're an avid biker, why limit yourself to just cycling? Bike touring is an excellent way to explore the great outdoors, but why not add some additional activities for a more diverse and exciting experience? Here are some tips and ideas for combining bike touring with other outdoor activities.


Bike touring and hiking go hand in hand. By leaving your bike behind and exploring the surrounding terrain on foot, you can discover hidden gems and enjoy a closer connection to nature. Just make sure to pack some comfortable hiking shoes and a sturdy backpack with essentials like water and snacks.


Camping is a classic outdoor activity and a perfect match for bike touring. A camping tent or hammock is an excellent place to rest after a long day on the bike. Try to find a good camping spot near your bike route and make sure to bring a good sleeping bag and air pad to stay warm and comfortable during the night.


If you're a fan of angling, why not throw a fishing rod into your panniers? Biking along rivers and streams offers some of the best fishing opportunities, and catching a fresh dinner is one of the best rewards you can get for your efforts.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing and bike touring may seem like unrelated activities, but they can complement each other surprisingly well. By bringing along some climbing gear and researching the best rock climbing sites, you can add a new level of adventure to your bike tour.


Waterways provide some of the most scenic and peaceful routes for bike touring. By combining your bike tour with kayaking, you can discover hidden coves and waterfalls and enjoy a unique perspective on the landscape. Make sure to pack a waterproof bag for your gear and bring along a life jacket.


Combining bike touring with other outdoor activities is an excellent way to get the most out of your adventures. Whether you prefer hiking, camping, fishing, rock climbing, kayaking, or any other outdoor activity, there's always a way to integrate it into your bike tour. With some careful planning and preparation, your bike touring experience can become an unforgettable journey full of fun, excitement, and exploration.

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