Bike Touring During a Pandemic: How to Adapt and Stay Safe

The pandemic has changed the way people travel and has put a halt on many planned vacations. However, bike touring is one of the outdoor activities that allow you to travel safely and maintain social distancing rules. Below are some tips on how to adapt to bike touring during the pandemic and stay safe.

Research Travel Restrictions

Before you hit the road, check for travel restrictions and safety protocols in the areas you plan to visit. Make sure you comply with all regulations and gather all necessary documents. Some countries and states require a negative Covid-19 test result, quarantine, and/or proof of vaccination.

Plan Your Route Carefully

Consider local safety measures and choose off-road routes as much as possible. Avoid crowded bike trails or roads, and plan rest stops where you can maintain social distancing. Bring your food and water to reduce contact with others, especially if you cannot find a safe eatery.

Pack Extra Gear

Be prepared for unexpected situations and pack extra gear, including masks, gloves, sanitizer, and first aid kits. Wear a mask whenever interacting with others, and sanitize your gears and hands frequently. Keep a safe distance from people and avoid touching surfaces as much as possible.

Stay Flexible

The pandemic situation is unpredictable, and travel restrictions can change quickly. Stay up to date on the latest news and update your plans accordingly. Have backup routes and shelter options in case your plans change suddenly. Be prepared to adapt to unforeseen circumstances.


Bike touring during the pandemic requires extra preparation, research, and flexibility. Make sure to adhere to safety protocols, pack extra gear, and stay updated on the latest news. Bike touring is a great way to travel safely and experience the world during the pandemic. With precautions, you can explore new horizons on two wheels.

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