Bike Touring World The Ultimate Resource for Bicycle Touring


I started this website for a number of reasons from wanting to help others get started bicycle touring to conveying thanks to other touring cyclists for helping me when I started out.

Before I started this effort my life was very peaceful and in some ways calm.

Now that the website is in full development with content being added daily and feedback pouring in from cyclists all over the world my life has become enriched with fun and excitement. Few things improve life more then doing the things that you enjoy and when you get to share that passion with others from around the world then it becomes even better!

The Bike Touring World website will be here for the long haul. The hosting service is paid up for four years which is plenty of time for this corner of the web to grow into a useful area for touring cyclists.

I am willing and ready to do my part to help it to happen and based on the feedback and help that I’ve seen from other cyclists I believe that this vision will very soon be a reality.

Anyway that’s more then enough about me and the goals that I have for this website!

In parting I would like to encourage you to step forward and help by providing whatever feedback, suggestions and content about touring that you have to offer.

Remember that everything published receives proper credit as well as my deep appreciation and makes you eligible for any available sponsorship deals.